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Welcome to the Quintic Tutorials v17 download page which provides:

1) the step-by-step Quintic Tutorials that take you through every function in the Quintic Biomechanics, Coaching or Sports programs;
2) the Quintic Videos that you will need when using the tutorials.

These tutorials are applicable to Quintic's Version 17 software. Quintic makes it easy for clients by retaining the same appearance and mode of operation with new Versions. Progress inevitably means earlier Versions will have some different features and if you require assistance please Contact Us.

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  • A 'Quintic Quick User Guide' is also available to download. Please click here to download : Quintic Quick User Guide (1.6 MB)
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Tutorial v17



Getting Started
  • Opening a video file
  • Play at different speeds
  • Play frame-by-frame
  • Zoom
  • Memo pad / Audio Memo
  • Quintic CD Burn Function
  • Quintic Instant Email
  • Streaming an Internet Video - Quintic URL

2. Make a Mark
  • Markers & Stopwatch
  • Shapes & Drawing Tools
  • Angles - Vertical & Horizontal
  • Calibrating and Measuring Linear Distance
  • Floating Tool Bars

3. Take a Picture
  • Photo
  • Photo Sequence (up to x 18 images)
  • Export Analysis - to include any drawings references

4. Synchronisation
  • Vertical & Horizontal Windows
  • Main & Best Windows
  • Synchronisation of two videos
  • Mirror Image - Flip Image
  • Blend - Background / Foreground
  • Overlay Two Synchronised Videos

5a. Video Codec
  • Video Codec Set-Up - Configure your computer for optimal video capture.
  • Installing Quintic Recommended Codecs
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista & Seven

5b. LIVE Video Capture
  • LIVE Video Capture - via USB2 or Firewire
  • Camera / Computer Set-Up
  • Single Camera Capture (Single / Series & Instant)
  • Multi Camera Capture
  • High-Speed Capture - Basler LIVE 100fps (XP only)
  • Quintic USB2 / GigE Live Camera - 80fps - 250fps
  • Advanced Capture Functions

5c. Video Capture &

  • Video Capture - via Hard-Drive, DVD, Memory Cards...
  • Video Capture Editing using HDD & HD videos
  • Video Editing & Filters

6a. Manual Digitisation
  • Calibration
  • Create Templates
  • Digitisation Traces - 1 Point only in Coaching v17

Manual Digitisation

(~2.7 MB)


6b. Automatic Digitisation

  • Experimental Set-up
  • Markers - Size / Contrast - Camera / Light Position
  • Automatic Digitisation Trace
  • Interpolation
  • Editing a trace
  • Event Markers
  • Butterworth Filters & Residual Analysis

7. Digitisation Analysis
  • Viewing a trace
  • Animation Window
  • Quintic Analysis (Linear & Angular)

Appendices v17
  • Camera Guidelines
  • Troubleshooting
  • System Requirements
  • FAQ's
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Quintic Sports Science
  • Conversion Charts
  • Anatomical Movements
  • Digitisation Templates
  • Digitisation Model
  • Quintic Analysis (Linear & Angular)
  • Butterworth Filters (Raw vs Smoothed Data)
  • Uninstall Procedure

Quintic & RSscan Footscan International

Software Synchronisation Tool

Video Downloads v17

  • To download the video files click on the folder logo below.
  • Save it as a new file in 'Quintic Sample Videos'.
  • Unzip the .zip file using WinZip or an equivalent alternative.
  • Open your Quintic Software and view the videos.
  • You will NOT require a 'Security Code' with these downloads.



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