Video Tutorials
Quintic v21 - July 2012

Welcome to the Quintic v21 VIDEO Tutorials. On this page are step-by-step VIDEO tutorials and demonstrations of how to use the Quintic software. The VIDEO tutorials take you through the basic functions of the Quintic Software v21 range. The videos have been created to allow you, the user to follow the examples on the screen, you can pause and rewind each tutorial as and when required. There is no limit to the amount of times you view each video tutorial. We hope these tutorials help get you started with the use of our Quintic software.

These VIDEO Tutorials are applicable to v21 software. If you have an earlier software version then some features may not be covered. If you require any assistance please Contact Us.

To view each of the Quintic video tutorials, simply click on the Quintic logo to the right of each video tutorial:

Quintic Video Tutorial



Getting Started
  • Opening a video file
  • Play at different speeds
  • Play frame-by-frame
  • Zoom
  • Memo pad / Audio Memo

2. Make a Mark
  • Markers & Stopwatch
  • Shapes & Drawing Tools
  • Angles - Vertical & Horizontal
  • Calabrating and measuring linear distance
  • Floating Tool Bars

Take a Picture

  • Photo
  • Photo Sequence (up to x 18 images)
  • Export Analysis - to include any drawings references

4. Synchronisation
  • Viewing Modes
  • Video Synchronisation
  • Blend - Background / Foreground
  • Overlay two synchronised videos

5. LIVE Video Capture
  • Camera / Computer Set-up
  • Single Camera Capture
  • Quintic Editor Window
  • Multi Camera Capture

6a. Manual Digitisation
  • Calibration
  • Create Templates
  • Digitisation Traces - 1 Point only in Coaching v21

6b. Automatic Digitisation
  • Automatic Digitisation of a Video
  • Manual Tracking
  • Interpolation
  • Digitisation Trace Review
  • Editing a Trace
  • Butterworth Filters & Residual Analysis

Automatic Digitisation
Automatic Digitisation

7a. Digitisation Analysis

  • Viewing a trace
  • Animation Window
  • Single Video Linear Analysis
  • Single Video Angular Analysis
  • Multi Video Linear Analysis
  • Multi Video Angular Analysis

7b. Centre of Mass

  • COM Model

7c. Intersection Angle Model

  • Intersection Angle Model

Intersection Angle Model
Intersection Angle Model