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Quintic Case Studies

It is through our extensive consultancy work and constant liaison in the fields of elite sport, physiotherapy, podiatry and education that our three levels of premier sports video analysis software systems have evolved. It is this unique contact that allows us to produce easy to use, market leading software systems that specialise in 2D Biomechanical Analysis. The following case studies are examples of how Quintic software has been utilised in the fields of elite sport, physiotherapy, podiatry, equine biomechanics and education.Examples of Quintic in Action can be viewed by clicking on the following...

Archery / Athletics / Bobsleigh / Cricket / Cycling / Education / EIS / Equine / Football / Golf / Speed Skating / Podiatry / Rugby / Sports Injuries / Squash / Swimming...


Padraig Harrington - USPGA - 2008 Oakland Hills, USA

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